Discovering the Magic of Ramoji Film City: A Complete Guide

Ramoji Film City

At a distance of 30 kilometres from the city of Hyderabad, and spread over nearly 2,500 acres of land, is the spellbinding Ramoji Film City. Built in the year 1991, this spectacular and glamour-filled studio is a huge landmark of Hyderabad and one of the most popular sightseeing places for tourists from all over the world. It is one of the premier filmmaking facilities of the country and offers every single service needed during film-making, from pre-production to post-production.

Tourists can easily hire airport cabs in Hyderabad and reach this wondrous film studio for an exciting time. The fact that it can accommodate up to 50 film units at the same time makes it one of the largest film studios in the world. Ramoji Film City is dotted with popular film sets like airport, hospital, buildings, garden, and places resembling foreign locales, office complexes, banks and much more.

Where to Stay

Apart from the scenic locations and the entertainment it provides, Ramoji Film City has fantastic stay facilities for tourists in the form of two world-class hotels, Tara and Sitara. Tourists can travel from Hyderabad to Ramoji Film City in a variety of public and private transport options and settle in the plush comfort of these luxurious hotels inside the film city complex. Check out the mouth-watering poolside barbecues here or dine at one of the best multi-cuisine restaurants this side of the city.

Explore the celluloid world

Ramoji Film City has played a part in many mega-hit blockbuster movies, it is a wonderful experience when you are taken for a guided tour of all the locations where these movies were filmed. You will love to connect to the immortal characters of the celluloid world and know the creative side of movie making. See North India and its unique architecture come alive right in front of your eyes as you enter North Town. The attention-to-detail is amazing as the buildings, streets and landscape are simulated perfectly. Check out the sets of the popular serial “Bhagvatham” as it has been maintained and preserved here for a lifetime.

Many other attractions

The Butterfly Park is also a huge attraction among tourists, hundreds of varieties of colourful butterflies can be seen at once. Explore the world of magical Bonsai at VAMAN and learn unknown facts about this unique method of growing trees. You can experience filmmaking and participate in a real shoot here as Ramoji Movie Magic unfolds all the drama and action of movie making. Dubbing, editing and creating special effects can be experienced first-hand here at this fabulous film city that is the pride of Hyderabad.

Book your vehicle at a reputed car rental in Hyderabad and get transported into this magical world of cinema in no time. The exhaustive city tour includes live shows where you can watch live stunts performed by professionals. See how they easily pull off aerial jumps and acrobatics as these moments will stay with you for a long time after you leave Ramoji Film City.

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