Why boAt Unlisted Shares Is The Perfect Choice for Investors?

boAt Unlisted Shares

In recent times, boAt unlisted shares have emerged as a lucrative asset class that investors are actively seeking to diversify their investment portfolios. These distinctive investment instruments have great potential for significant returns and stable growth over an extended period. So, there is no surprise that investors are increasingly drawn towards boAt unlisted shares as a viable option to achieve financial success. In this blog, we will delve deeper into why boAt unlisted shares are the perfect choice for investors seeking to embark on a journey toward financial prosperity. Now let’s look at why boAt unlisted shares are the ideal choice, industry overview, about the company, etc. 

About The Company – (boAt) Imagine Marketing Ltd

It is an Indian electronics brand founded in November 2013, also known as Imagine Marketing Ltd. Their focus is on creating intelligent wearables and accessories that provide high-quality audio. The organisation works under the legal name Imagine Marketing Services Private Limited. 

boAt has a diverse product line that includes smartwatches, earphones, travel chargers, stereo headphones, home audio equipment, wireless speaker, premium rugged cables, and a wide selection of mobile phone accessories. The brand promotes its products through public events and partnerships with influencers and sports teams. 

Why boAt Is Considered The Perfect Choice For Investment?

Investing in boAt unlisted shares is a compelling prospect, especially in the changing 2023 scenario. The incredible path of the company from a startup to a world leader in the audio and consumer electronics industries demonstrates its inherent potential. boAt’s strong brand presence, fuelled by a variety of stylish and economical items, connects with a growing consumer base, particularly among young people. Its persistent commitment to innovation and design has helped boAt stand out in a crowded market, while deliberate diversification into new product categories demonstrates a forward-thinking strategy.

boAt is well-positioned to capitalise on the increased demand for technology and lifestyle items, with a strong web presence, strategic relationships, and a track record of growth. As consumer preferences evolve and e-commerce continues to thrive, investing in boAt unlisted shares could prove to be a prudent choice for investors seeking exposure to a brand that exemplifies innovation, market relevance, and growth potential. Hence, It is the perfect choice for investment. Now let’s know other benefits of investing in BoAt:

Benefits of Investing In boAt 

The boAt is also known as Imagine Marketing Ltd. It is India’s first digital brand with a prominent position in the market. 

  • This brand offers clear value to its customers and holds a strong position in the market.
  • Effective marketing strategies can increase consumer engagement and boost the sales level significantly.
  • With the help of feedback from sales channels and customers, the company can develop products promptly and keep those in high demand in stock.
  • BoAt Labs’ in-house design team has undertaken numerous projects to enhance the company’s products, resulting in a product line customised for the Indian market, according to BoAt.

Business Model Of boAt

  • Offline + Tier2+ Cities expansion: We can reach more regions by utilizing the connections of current distributors with nearby retailers and expanding through online platforms.
  • Market Leader on online e-com platforms: The company’s sales predominantly come from digital channels and marketplaces, making up over 85% of its total sales. They continue to hold their position as the top brand on these marketplaces.
  • Synergies: In the interest of improving its products, the company has sought out relationships with component suppliers like Qualcomm (a shareholder in the parent company), Google, Dolby, and Bharat FIH.
  • Profitable for last 3 FYs
  • Asset Light Approach: The company leases offices and warehouses instead of buying them to keep their capital expenses low.
  • High ROCE of 60%+: There has been a 15% increase in the past three fiscal years. However, in the most recent fiscal year, the increase was 66.8%.

How To Invest In BoAt Unlisted Shares?

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Bottom Line 

As discussed in the blog above, investing in unlisted shares of boAt can be a wise decision. Nonetheless, conducting thorough research and seeking guidance from trusted stock experts, such as Stockify, is essential before proceeding with any investment opportunity. By doing so, you can make informed decisions and reap significant rewards from this specialised industry. However, taking necessary precautions to safeguard your investment and enhance your chances of financial gain is imperative. However, taking proper precautions to ensure your investment and increase your chances of financial gain is essential.