Bangles – A circle of Indian Heritage and Charm!


Places like Charminar in Hyderabad and Chandni Chowk in Delhi brim with Indian heritage, and walking through the narrow roads of these areas leave you overwhelmed in no time. These markets are a hub of all things cheap and remains swamped with shoppers on any given day. One thing that draws your senses while you are in these markets, is the colourful display of different kinds of bangles and this got me thinking of the importance of these beauties in every Indian woman’s life. Especially for married women her “solah shringar” is incomplete without bangles. From small girls to elderly women, one will find them adorning this jewellery piece at all times.


Remaining of Mohenjo-Daro excavate gave us an understanding that bangles were originated during that era which dates back to 2600 B.C.  During those days bangles were made out of various resources like clay, mud, stones, shells, bones, ivory, glass etc… With discovering of different kind of metals, early men started making bangles out of precious and semi-precious metals like bronze, silver, copper, gold etc…

Bangles are a more rigid form of bracelet, and the name has been derived from a Hindi word called “bungri” which means glass. Bangles are referred with different names indifferent languages spoken in India: It is called Bale in kannada, Churi in Hindi, Kharu in Tamil, and Bangadi in Marathi, Gajulu in Telugu.

Significance of Bangles in Indian Culture

Bangles have always been an indispensible part of Indian jewellery collection. Even in the famous poem “The Bangle Sellers” penned by Sarojini Naidu, Indian women’s love towards these circular beauties was narrated. Women find a unique joy in wearing these rainbow-tinted glories around their wrist, and often the head of the family buy them for their wives and daughters.

Not only do these look beautiful when worn, but these carry cultural, emotional and significance in Indian culture. Brides to be, newlyweds, or mother to be have to traditionally wear bangles as they are associated with the well being of their life partner. The tinkling sound of the bangles is thought to keep one alert and attract positive energy. It is medically proven that wearing bangles helps in blood circulation and regulates the blood pressure as the bangles create a fiction on the wrist part where we can feel the pulse.

Silver Bangles: Metal silver has always been popular since ancient time for the host of health benefits it offers. It helps in blood and internal body temperature regulation. Silver also holds a track-record of anti-microbial action, along with aiding healing process. Usually new born infants are gifted with a pair of silver bangles which have some black beads incorporated to ward off the evil.

You can pair sterling silver bangles practically with any attire, from traditional outfits to modern wear, these blends seamlessly. They add a tinge of mystery and sensuality and are enough to grab anyone’s attention.

Gold Bangles:  Precious metal gold holds an utmost importance in Indian society. Gold bangles are a sign of prosperity and it speaks about one’s social and financial status. In India, it’s a tradition for the married women to wear a pair or more of gold bangles; it is a symbol of good luck, fortune and her marital status. When we think of a typical Indian bride, we visual a woman in red sari, with red bindi, wearing dozen bangles along with a long mangalsutra designs which is trending now. Indian women’s jewellery collection is incomplete without these lustrous gold bangles!

 Gold bangle designs have seen a sea of transformation over the past decade. New designers have made the gold bangles design for daily use trendier and eye catchy. Even the shape of these are being experimented with, apart from the traditional circular shape these gold bangles design for daily use come in asymmetrical shapes, geometrical shapes like square, triangle etc.

Diamond Bangles:  Gift any girl diamonds and her eyes twinkle brighter than the diamonds! Diamond bangles symbolises class and sophistication. These rocks are expensive, and hence diamond bangles come out of one’s closet only for special occasions. The diamond bangle collection of Vaibhav Jewellers is worth exploring. The designs are unique and they offer a blend of traditional and modern patterns in their diamond bangles section.

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