Stanza Living – Best Affordable Premium Accommodations in Pune

stanza living

Pune is among the top cities for migrant students and professionals in India – vibrant, exciting, and engaging. Like any other place though, a newcomer can feel a little overwhelmed when navigating the city, meeting new people, trying to fit in, or even just searching for where to stay. If you are looking for a premium, hygienic yet affordable accommodation option that can beat even the best PG in Pune, then this article is for you! Before you start your hunt for the perfect PG, here are some things you should consider


The first thing you should pay attention to – look for a property that is near your college or work-space, so you can save time and money on commute. Well-connected locations also mean you tend to have a safer and better ecosystem around. If you want a managed accommodation solution that takes care of all your daily living needs and is well-connected to boot, you should check out Stanza Living. Their properties are located in premium locations near the South West area of the city – easily accessible for students as well as working professionals. Also, these are self-sustained spaces where you can enjoy the in-house gym, well-equipped kitchen, fun entertainment lounges, etc, so you won’t even need to step out for anything.


The ambiance of a place definitely adds to its premium experience.  Spacious rooms, use of vibrant colors, smartly-designed furniture give a welcoming and relaxing vibe. If you don’t want to come back to a cramped, boring room every day, you should definitely check out the beautifully designed spaces at Stanza Living. They focus on striking the right balance between private spaces and community areas, creating a comfortable, soothing, and lively place to stay. Their rooms are designed to factor inconvenient size per person and are well-appointed with fully furnished spaces. The properties are also equipped with top-quality amenities like washing machines, microwaves, fridges, ACs, etc.


Hospitality is another big factor that is a stark differentiator between any local PG space and a premium accommodation option like Stanza Living. Stanza Living treats the convenience of its residents with the utmost priority. Regular cleaning and sanitation of residential spaces is a top priority. Residents also don’t have to bother about things like cleaning dishes or laundry, as there are in-house facilities for all of these. There is also, of course, the convenience of high-speed internet service, power back-up, and quiet, private spaces where you can work or study easily. But even more important, is the deep focus on food. Here you can check out menus in advance, enjoy high-quality, chef-cooked meals and even share your feedback about the meals. In case you want to opt-out on a particular day, you can inform the team in advance. The team even rewards you with special discount points as a gesture of thanks for reducing food wastage. Add to all this a team of professionally-trained staff that is available to respond to your requests. If you have a query, feedback, or concern to share, you can always drop a message on a dedicated consumer app and look forward to a quick resolution. 


Have you been faced with landlords who take it upon themselves to monitor your lifestyle choices? Or don’t honor a host of things they had promised – from ensuring household maintenance to quality of services? Not anymore! Managed accommodation companies operate their residences as a professional housing solution. You sign transparent rent agreements, are made aware of all the amenities and services as well as any household rules that are included for everyone’s comfort and there is no interference in your lifestyle choices. What’s more, these are all handled through technology to reduce any human dependence – so from signing agreements to rent collection, documentation to KYC, everything is managed through an app. Further, if you want to share any grievance, you don’t have to worry that it will be brushed aside or lost – there are full trackings and updates on the resolution.

So if you are looking for a safe, secure, premium accommodation experience that is also affordable, you know where to go!.